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Well, here we are on Carona Tar. The year is 7251. Carona Tar is a large island nation, 800 miles by 600 miles. Population less than 1 million. There are seven large cities, and numerous villages. A road system connects the large cities, but is in constant need of repair. Efforts are under way to construct roads that are more resistant to the elements.

Carona Tar leads an isolated existance due to The Shield. The Shield is an impenetrable magical barrier erected around the island in 7200 to protect the island from invasion by the mainland. The Shield was created by Erin Phantomtouch. She has never revealed how it was done, or how it might be undone. No one has been able to travel to or from the island since the Shield was put in place.

The general populace of Carona Tar have no idea who created the Shield. You all do, because Belawiel has told you. She has sworn you to secrecy in this matter, because “people won’t understand why she did it, and they might do something drastic.” It is clear that Belawiel doesn’t think the Shield was a good idea, but she won’t discuss it further.

The Shield does not block sunlight, and seems to have very little impact on local oceanic life. The Shield does effect the weather. Carona Tar tends to suffer frequent and violent storms.

You all are descendants of a group of adventures who came to Carona Tar circa 7125. They were “Guardians.” Guardians were like Knight Errants. The served the Crown of Kal Sytor, a largish kingdom on the mainland. This service abrubtly ended with the creation of the Shield, since all communication with Kal Sytor ended that day.

The children of the non-Elven Guardians were raised to lead pedestrain lives. They became farmers and ranchers. Belawiel, Zafar, and Mondir had a different perspective. Belawiel has also lobbied the non-elven families to change their hearts. You are the result. Since you were quite young, Belawiel has been guiding you, nagging you, and downright badgering you into becoming Adventurers. She calls you her “New Guardians.” Torejan learned the hardway NOT to use this term in the presence of Erin.

Zafar was the founder of the team. He recruited Belawiel and Mondir. They were sent to Corona Tar in January, 7125. Older Guardians already on the island helped them for some time, but eventually retired or moved on. Valin joined them in May, 7191. Erin, Meriam, Alar, and Gwor were sent together in October, 7193.

Player Characters:
Kadia. Elf Ranger, 110.
Rikath. Human Monk, 21.
Colandra. Half Elf Sorceress, 20.
Duryn. Halfling Rogue, 24.
Avar, Human Cleric, 21.
Telar. Human Paladin, 18.
Torejan. Human Bard, 23.
Anewyn. Elf Wizard, 119.

The Guardians:
Belawiel the Cleric (Anewyn’s mother, Colandra’s mother) Elf, 225.
Zafar the Sorcerer (Anewyn’s father) Elf, deceased.
Erin Phantomtouch the Wizard (Torejan’s grandmother) Human, 88.
Gwor, Barbarian and Ragner (Telar’s grandfather) Human, deceased.
Meriam the Rogue (Duryn’s grandmother) Halfling, 71.
Valin the Paladin (Avar’s grandfather) Human, 80, deceased.
Alar the Fighter (Rikath’s grandfather) Human, deceased.
Mondir the Druid (Kadia’s father) Elf, 250.

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