Tall athletic brunette. She has long black hair, green eyes, and kind of a shy look about her. (Until you make her mad, anyway.) She tends to avoid eye contact with anyone she thinks is “above” her.

She will get in to a serious stare down with any female she thinks is after her Paladin. If she thinks the other woman is going to make a move on him, look out!


She ran away from the farm at age 14, and ended up in Moru where she met the Lemroix brothers.

They recruited her for their newly formed gang. At first the gang was mostly into petty crimes, such as burglaries and a few smash and grab jobs.

Mario slowly became more vicious and started into armed robberies and worse. Claude discovered he had a talent for being the con man. Claude became afraid that Mario would get them all killed, so he split and convinced Marie to go with him.


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